Musikgarten Musikgarten

Miss Noelle's Musikgarten
Noelle D.W. Chandler, Instructor
3317 Rods Court
Merced, CA 95340
(209) 761-5666

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There is $15 discount off the second child's tuition for siblings.

Please try to be on time. Late entrances disrupt the flow of the class and distract the other children, plus it is sometimes difficult for the late arrivee to get into the "swing of things" effectively.

Dress for “moving and dancing!”

Food, toys or other "distractions" often cause problems rather than provide comfort when brought into music class. Since another child might want your child’s drink or stuffed animal, it is often easier to leave those things at home or in the car. 

Please try to refrain from using pacifiers in class.  These dramatically affect the child's ability to participate in class verbalization and slows their learning to sing and speak the curriculae.

Understand that all children learn at different rates and in different ways.  Some children will be quiet in class, others will be active.  Some children will do everything perfectly at home, but not in class.  As a parent, you know that every child is unique, so check your comparisons at the door and let the music work its magic!

Occasionally it might be necessary to cancel a class, due to emergency or illness. If that occurs, I will post an announcement on this website under "Events & News."  If time allows, I will also try to call you individually or to notify you by email. I also ask that you try to let me know, via phone or email, if you will be missing a class. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS FOR MISSED LESSONS. However, if I as instructor must cancel a class, I will offer a make-up class at a later date.

Tuition for the entire 10-week semester is $125. 
Materials are purchased from the MusikGarten company; recommended for purchase are the "Babies II" CD & Instrument Set as well as Musical Instrument Set 1 & Set 2 for different classes. You may pay by credit card, through PayPal, or you may pay Noelle Chandler directly by check or money order.

Tuition is non-refundable once paid but, in the event of emergencies or unforseen circumstances, may be transferred into future semesters.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may register and begin participating at any time during the semester.  The registration and materials fee will remain the same, but tuition will be pro-rated so you will only pay for the remainder of that semester's classes.