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When my daughter was born, I knew I should be singing to her; I knew there were advantages to singing to your child. The only problem was, I just didn't know any children's songs to sing to her. I spent a lot of time singing her The Star-Spangled Banner because it was the only song that I knew all the words to! Together we learned many songs that helped us through hours of waits in doctor's offices, helped us pass time in the car, and also helped us when one or both of us needed time to "settle down."  It has been seven years since my daughter started music classes and I truly treasure the time and watching her progress through the Musikgarten program. From singing and moving to songs, to honing her listening skills, from finding her singing voice to translating what she's heard into the music on the keyboard -- it has been a truly rewarding experience for both of us!
-- A Musikgarten Mom

My family really enjoys this class -- all five of us! My husband and I and our three children, ages six, four, and one. We became involved in Musikgarten when our first child was born. Then, as a new mom with a background in early childhood education in music, I was looking for a program for music education that was developmentally appropriate, and also an opportunity to meet other new moms.  Musikgararten was exactly that!
-- A Musikgarten Mom

As I listened to the video, I was grateful for the musical background I have that enabled me to teach music through classic folk songs to my grands.  I loved what the neurologist had to say about music and totally agree.  It has always been a shame to me that music is always one of the first things to go when school budgets get tight.  If they could just understand what music can do for the heart, soul and mind of a person there would be more emphasis on it instead of cutting it out of curriculum.
-- A Merced Grandma

I really feel that Musikgarten is the right mix of activities for my son, and I LOVE that everything we do in class is nurturing to him!
-- A Musikgarten Mom

The Musikgarten program sounds like so much fun! It almost makes me wish I could have another baby! LOL!
-- A Merced Musikgarten friend

I've always been involved in music education for the young, but many years ago I also studied midwifery and have always been fascinated by the post-birth bonding process.  When I first learned about Musikgarten, I was enthralled -- it's based on the German curricula Kindermusik, for teaching music to preschoolers, coupled with Montessori philosophy with maybe a little bit of Suzuki music instruction theory added.  But the best part of the Musikgarten program is that musical exposure begins as early as in utero during pregnancy and continues through nine years of age -- a very extensive and comprehensive program that has profoundly impressed me.  Musikgarten not only teaches music and movement, it holistically incorporates multi-sensorial development enrichment practices to enhance the neurological, physical, social, intellectual and artistic development of the total child, all in the context of celebrating the bond between caregiver and child.
-- Merced Musikgarten Teacher
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