Musikgarten Musikgarten

Miss Noelle's Musikgarten
Noelle D.W. Chandler, Instructor
3317 Rods Court
Merced, CA 95340
(209) 761-5666

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Welcome to Miss Noelle's Musikgarten!  I am pleased that you are considering music classes for your child. Research has shown that we are all born with an aptitude for music, but that aptitude diminishes if it is not actively nurtured between the ages of birth and nine. Miss Noelle's Musikgarten is the perfect way to develop your child's natural musical inclinations while creating pathways for future creative thinking and a lifelong love of learning!

Winter/Spring POP-UPS!
In Winter/Spring of 2020, Miss Noelle's schedule is truly insane and will not easily allow for a weekly Musikgarten class. However, we will be holding themed pop-up classes in her home studio 1-2x a month! Look below for the current schedule.


"Winter Mornings" Pop-Up 
Mixed Ages (0-5) at 10-10:45am on Saturday, January 11

Join us for music that supports the important routines of childhood combined with songs, stories and activites that encourage wonder and adventure in the cool, crisp natural world!
Please register to attend!




Where is Musikgarten held?

Miss Noelle's Musikgarten is held in Miss Noelle's Studio at
3317 Rods Court in North Merced, 95340

Call or text: 209.761.5666 for Miss Noelle
Email: for Miss Noelle

Parking is available on the street in a safe cul-de-sac
in the Rahilly Park area of North Merced.

What is Musikgarten?

The Musikgarten classes offered through Miss Noelle's Musikgarten are designed to nurture the child’s music aptitude by engaging children and their families in singing and movement activities which help attune the ear, refine the voice, and develop a rhythmic body through which music can be expressed. Additionally, instrumental activities are part of the program, ranging from playing simple rhythm instruments such as sticks and drums for babies and toddlers to playing keyboards for older children.

As you familiarize yourself with our class offerings and learn more about Musikgarten, I look forward to answering your questions and welcoming your family into my music studio.

Class Descriptions

All of Miss Noelle’s Classes require 4+ students to run!
Cuts and Schedule adjustments will be made the first week of the month.

“Individual or Small Group Classes” are available for $40 per 30-minute individual class or $80 for 30-minute class 2-4 students. They can be scheduled around parent/child preference at Miss Noelle’s home studio or wherever the individual or small group might prefer: Miss Noelle’s Musikgarten is mobile!
Individual Classes are recommended for students with behavioral/health issues who may not be ready for the stimulation of a medium-to-large sized class.
Small Group Classes are recommended for families with tight-knit friends who would like to schedule their musical and developmental education on their time and in their space.

How do I get in touch with Miss Noelle?

By Phone: 209.761.5666

With Email:

Via Facebook: Miss Noelle's Musikgarten

On her professional website and blog:

Take a moment to watch a video about Musikgarten  Click here to watch movie 
Note: You will need quicktime to view the movie.



About Miss Noelle

Mother to twin boys Thomas (5/12/16-11/4/16) and Elijah (born 5/12/16), Miss Noelle is a singing-rocking-dancing machine who cares deeply for your child's music education and brain development. Imagine that your favorite wide-smiling barista somehow got combined with your child's high-energy kindergarten teacher: Miss Noelle is kind of like that.

About the Classes

Classes with Miss Noelle invariably start off with a welcome song, where we sing hello to each individual child. Depending on the mood of the class, we may then also include a color song. 
After introductions we move into bouncing songs, which stimulate the spine and tend to give children the giggles.
We then move into some fingerplay songs 
(think "itsy bitsy spider" but a lot more fun!)
and may rock, sway or bounce at the same time.
Next, we will usually get up and move: walking, dancing, and moving re-enforce rhythm, get the blood flowing and give students a chance to physically connect with the music.
Within this time frame we will also work on pattern repetition, both as a group and individually. Students are not required to repeat patterns, but many will want to.
We will work towards the end with manipulatives of some kind, either scarves, sticks, drums or other instruments.
We end every class with a cuddle song, where parents and students enjoy the experience of listening to music prone and with eyes closed. Miss Noelle has a variety of cuddle animals available; if a student prefers a stuffed animal of their own or has trouble giving up something in their possession, it is recommended that they bring their own. This animal can be kept in a bag during class and brought out during this last song.
After the cuddle song, we will sing goodbye to everyone
 and class will end!
Classes are 30 minutes in length.